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Promoting health and improving access to basic medical care.

About Us

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The Martinsville Henry County Coalition for Health and Wellness is committed to providing medical and primary health services at its Health Centers and through a variety of other programs, to promote health, reduce health risk factors and to increase access to medical services, primarily for the uninsured and underserved in the Martinsville-Henry County area.     


 Working together to improve the health of individuals, families and our community by shifting our focus from treatment to prevention and wellness.


 Who We Are

Initially funded through a 5 year, $4.5 million grant from the Harvest Foundation, the Martinsville-Henry County Coalition for Health and Wellness began operations in April 2005. The Coalition is committed to providing medical and primary health services at Bassett Family Practice - our Federally Qualified Health Center and to promoting health, reducing health risk factors and increasing access to medical services, primarily for the uninsured and underserved in the Martinsville-Henry County area. 

Health Connect (Uptown Martinsville) is also operated by the Coalition and is commonly referred to as a "one-stop shop" for individuals in MHC who need help breaking through barriers to health and wellness. Medical care is not offered at Health Connect but it helps connect individuals with needs related to healthcare with information and the proper agencies so that they can be informed when making decisions about their health. For example, Health Connect helps women access mammograms through the Ladies First program; helps people with diabetes access annual eye exams through the Eyes Forward program, as well as helps people, who are eligible, access affordable prescription medications through the MedAssist program.


 In addition to the services offered at Bassett Famly Practice and Health Connect, the Coalition also offers chronic disease self-management, medication assistance, a variety of fitness classes and care coordination to services to patients and local residents. 

 The Coalition collaborates with Go Healthy West Piedmont, a community initiative to reduce obesity and chronic disease in Virginia's West Piedmont Health District.


Board of Directors

The Martinsville-Henry County Coalition for Health and Wellness, which includes our Community Health Center-Bassett Family Practice, operates with a Board of Directors that is made up of service users and community representatives. The Directors meet monthly and are responsible for strategic planning and setting policy for the organization.


Current Board members are:
James E. Rountree Sr., Ed D

Vice President
Kenneth Muse

Linda Dorr

Robert C. Vogler

Barbara Bodkin

Margie Eason

Ron Hairston

Ralph Lawson

Harry "Scott" Martin

Saun Mateer

Victor Millner

Barbara Muniz

Sharon Ortiz Garcia

Ashby Pritchett

Linda Scott

Meredith Spencer

Betty Via

Past President (ex-officio)
Charlotte Harter

 Bassett Family Practice is a Health Center Program grantee under 24 U.S.C. 254b, and a deemed Public Health Service employee under                      42 U.S.C. 233(g)-(n).

           General Questions may be sent to the Coalition by e-mail at            or at 276-403-5004.

    *Please do not send emails with patient information to this email address. If you need to schedule an appointment at Bassett Family Practice, please use the Patient Portal or call 276-629-1076.*

           You may also contact a member of the Coalition's Management Team directly:

Barbara Jackman, Executive Director, 276-403-5099

Mandy Brannock, Director of Operations, 276-403-5113 

Alvin Franks, Finance Director, 276-403-5098

Seth Helms, Accounting Manager, 276-403-5004 

Sarah Bowman, Practice Manager, 276-629-1076

Rhonda Clark, DNP, Clinical Director, 276-629-1076  

Suellyn Danter, Director of Health Connect, 276-403-4297 

Brittany Anthony, Marketing, PR & Development Director, 276-734-0035                      


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