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What do you think Wednesday-Video Games

Wednesday February 29, 2012

"Active" video games are not living up to their claims.

Motivation Monday-Closer

Monday February 27, 2012
Motivation Monday-Closer

"I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday." ~Author Unknown

What do you think Wednesday-Say Goodbye to King Size

Wednesday February 22, 2012

Mars Inc., which makes M&Ms, Twix, Milky Way and many other notable candies, told Reuters that by the end of next year it will not sell any chocolate products that have more than 250 calories.

Pump it Up-Heart Health

Tuesday February 21, 2012

How to keep your heart in tip-top shape!

Motivation Monday-Go Beyond

Monday February 20, 2012

Words from Bruce Lee.

What do you think Wednesday-New USDA Regs

Tuesday February 14, 2012

The USDA has overhauled school lunch program for 1st time in more than 15 years.

Motivation Monday-Super Bowl Commercial

Thursday February 9, 2012

Today's motivation comes from a Super Bowl commercial.

Motivation Monday-Words from Jerry Rice

Monday February 6, 2012

"Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can do what others can't." ~Jerry Rice

What do you think Wednesday-Tebow Law

Monday February 6, 2012

There's been quite a bit of controversy over the proposed Tim Tebow Law in Virginia.

What do you think Wednesday-McDonald's and Pink Slime

Wednesday February 1, 2012

McDonald's confirms that it will no longer be using the "pink slime" chemical in hamburgers.

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Healthy Tip of the DayPhysical activity not only burns energy (calories), but may also help lower the risk of breast cancer.  Exercise lowers estrogen levels, fights obesity, lowers insulin levels, and boosts the function of the immune system that attack tumors.

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