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May 29, 2013
Meet theTeam Battle-Team Winner of the 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge How did you hear about the Challenge? Paula and Mary were in the Coalition Office when preparations for the Challenge were going on and recruited the Brown family.

Who decided to form the team? Mary

Was there a "team leader" who rallied the group? Mary-she was on top of everything. Anytime there was a survey or check in, Mary would get in touch with everyone and make sure we had done our part!

Why did you sign up?
To support Mary
To workout
Walk with more consistency
Desire for more consistency with an exercise program
I liked walking and talking with my daughter, it was good quality time.

Any challenges along the way? Initially the weather (ice, snow, and cold!), hindered us, so we walked at the YMCA.
Sometimes getting up, getting school in, and getting to the Y was a challenge, but we did it!

What kept you motivated?
To keep up with Catherine
Didn't want to disappoint the rest of the team
We liked to do the walking/running, it was almost addictive!

What advice do you have to give?
Just do it!
30-60 minutes of pain is better than a life of regret!
I am just thankful to be able to walk.
I would like to encourage young people to get active and maintain a healthy/active lifestyle!
When you are stressed, don't eat, walk instead.
Unplug from your electronics and head up a trail and go for a walk or run.

Do you have future fitness goals?
Two team members would like to participate in a half marathon.
One would like to do her first 5K.
Another one would like to do a faster 5K
One would like to become really fit so she can do a long day of hiking.
One would like to remain healthy enough to enjoy time with future grandchildren as she has such fond memories of walking with her own family.

Which is your favorite trail?
Rocky Knob
Anywhere on the Blue Ridge Parkway, it's beautiful!
Dick and Willie
Silverbell Trail-watch out for the snake statue though! You've been warned!


Team Battle consisted of Paula and Mary Battle and Rachel, Anna, and Catherine Brown.  Paula teaches Water Aerobics for the MHC Coalition for Health and Wellness and the girls ranged in age from 13-18.  Way to go Battle Team! 

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