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May 29, 2013
Meet Angie-The Individual Winner of the 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge How did you hear about the challenge? On Facebook from the Coalition's Page.

What made you sign up? I wanted to lose weight, so I didn't hesitate. I also wanted to do different exercises. During the Challenge, I used new machines at the Y to include the elliptical and the stridestepper. I also did the Girls on the Run 5K in April.

Did you lose weight? I lost at least 11 lbs.

Did you experience any challenges? I wanted to lose more weight. I found that I had to get up and do my exercises first thing in the morning or else they didn't happen.

How did you prepare for the 5K? I rested when I needed to, I walked, I used the elliptical machine to build strength, I used the weight room. I ate more protein, started drinking more water and less Diet Dr. Pepper, and also started drinking green tea!

Any advice for others in the community? Everyone should do it! Find some ways to exercise, even if it's sitting in the chair and doing chair aerobics! Stop looking for excuses not to exercise and find ways to exercise! Be prepared for exercise. I packed protein bites and water to prevent weakness during exercise so I could keep going!

What kept you motivated? I felt more energetic, I felt better, I wasn't depressed-all the exercise helped with depression. Friends and Family saw an improvement in my attitude. I had reduced aches and pains and that kept me exercising every day. Also, the pedometer was a big help, it was nice to see the results of my activities on the pedometer.

Any other successes? In addition to losing 11 lbs, my clothes are fitting better because I'm smaller! When I first started the Challenge, I could only last 5 minutes, but I worked my way up to 40 minutes of activity at a time.

We had a string of bad weather, what did you do to get your miles/steps in? Went to the YMCA and walked on the indoor track and used some of the machines there.

What did you learn from the Challenge? At the group walks and 5K, I tried to keep up with everyone else and I made myself tired. I learned to do the activities at my own pace.

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